We seek to create a safe and secure family environment for Roma girls who are vulnerable to trafficking by providing a safe home, with an ongoing commitment to educate the community and raise up local leaders to identify and prevent exploitation and abuse.

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We believe in holistic ministry.

We cannot address human trafficking without addressing the compounding issues that allow exploitation to thrive, such as poverty, racism, unemployment, and spiritual warfare.



The Roma are an ethnic group in Bulgaria that has suffered persecution for generations. Due to racism, they face severe poverty and a lack of access to health care, education, employment, and other vital services.



Dedicated to change.

With one suitcase apiece, Chance and Dee Dee Galloway left their home in Georgia with their children on November 2, 2011. Led by a calling from God and their extensive ministry experience, they flew to Bulgaria to begin a new chapter of ministry. Today, they are deeply invested in holistic ministry in several regions of Bulgaria, as outlined on the next page.

As missionaries, the Galloway’s goal has been to partner with nationals, both Roma and Bulgarian. Their work is based on the philosophy that nationals can reach their own people better than Western missionaries ever could. 

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