We seek to create a safe and secure family environment for Roma girls who are vulnerable to trafficking by providing a safe home, with an ongoing commitment to educate the community and raise up local leads to identify and prevent exploitation and abuse. Educators are innovators.

These are some of the Roma children playing outside near our home

These are some of the Roma children playing outside near our home


‣ We emphasize the need to model a strong Christian family

‣ We are a loving group of people whose core values come from God

‣ We believe in seeing people the way God sees them and to put value, hope, and opportunities back into their lives

‣ We desire to build up nationals through discipleship, agriculture, and shifting cultural values that propagate the exploitation especially of girls

‣ We believe in providing comprehensive care to cultivate holistic freedom



‣ The Roma community: Bulgaria

‣ Christ Community Church: Columbus, GA

‣ Renewal Christian Centre: West Midlands, U.K.

‣ New Life Ministries Church of God: Milledgeville, GA

‣ Cornerstone Church of God: Columbus, GA

‣ Bland Baptist Church: Louvale, GA

‣ The Order of Saint Leonard: UK

‣ Free Methodist World Missions: USA

‣ Charis Bible College: England

‣ The Set Free Movement

‣ New Start: Rev. Al and Diane Mellinger